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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 394

Contributed by Lestat

Okay I'll let the contributor do the talking. Lestat said, "..the car park was deserted and some lazy fat arse and hist wife/ girlfriend almost pull into the car park, but decide to stop in the middle of the road and leave their car there, I even walked up to it as I could not believe that anyone with an ounce of intelligence would park there, the driver must still be sitting in the car right? Nope it was empty. If they could have been bothered to drive 10 seconds more they could of had the pick of 50+ empty spaces. But no they decide to block the entrance instead. Inconsiderate and stupid are not strong enough words to describe this parker.."

Welcome Lestat and thanks for contributing

Date: 27-05-08
Location: Seri Qlap Mall

“Case 394”

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