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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 427, 428 & 429

Contributed by Manoque

Okay, this is Manoque's first contribution. Brilliant shots! Those yellow lines are placed there for a reason. It simply means "No Parking". Manoque mentioned that these 2 photos were taken from West side tower and East side tower parking lots. Hmmm.. I'm not aware of any towers in Brunei. Hehe can you be more specific?

Manoque said, "..exit of a shop along jalan Muara! I have to go to rumah org to take this picture, sebab kereta nya ada sticker "Superman inside" :) Baik jua tuan rumah menyuroh lepas aku explain that I'm going to send this to to you.."

That's a daring move! Hehe welcome to YPI Manoque. Will look forward to receive more photos from you.

Submitted: 28-07-08

“Case 427, 428 & 429”

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