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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

The End is Here Now....

Dear fellow YPI followers,

After much deliberation, the Management Team of YPI have come to a decision. There were alot of debate during the meeting, not least about this whole damn gay telly tubby issue cos we still couldn't nail down which of them or all of them were gay. In any case, here is our decision. We hope you fully understand and respect our decision.

The crisis we experienced was sparked by idiotic elements of another kind within our society, beyond that of idiots parking their cars. These elements included sexual harassment, vandalism, groping, coups, attempted murder, plotting to kill, directed at fellow staff members as well as featured YPIs. We started this website to show in a fun and friendly way how people can be inconsiderate to their fellow neighbours by parking their cars irresponsibly. Instead it got out of hand and one of our staff was sexually harrassed last week while attempting to take a picture of a car. They called her names, and she ended up crying.

As such we have decided for our own personal safety and for the safety of our fellow Bruneians, this site will have to be closed down indefinitely. We thank you for your your heartwarming support for this site and although we tried our best to achieve a goal through this site, it has been derailed by criminal elements within our small community.

Thank you and we're sad to say, good bye......

The Management Team of YPI...

p.s. We're ONLY kidding! You people ah.. so gullible one leh you.... The Management Team of YPI was actually in a secret location negotiating with Google on how we can take this site global! We are now multimillionaires thanks to a deal we hankered out with them and the site will be back on during HARI RAYA!


p.p.s. BUT on a serious note, during the meeting, Meter Man, the founder wanted to shut the site down. The other team disagreed and promptly divorced and dumped him. So if you see a guy wandering around aimlessly in Tamu, Bandar, he's Meter Man. It's easy to spot him cos he's got a Parking Meter hanging round his neck in shame. We're looking for interested individuals to take over Meter Man's place. However you will not be entitled to the loot we managed to wrangle from Google. You'll work for peanuts, make us tea and possibly even have to wash our skidmarked undies from time to time.


“The End is Here Now....”

  1. Anonymous Joe Blog AKA Meter Man Says:

    ... I'll be back. U can bet ur ass on it...

  2. Blogger rebelandaliberator Says:

    lol.. almost got me there.. anyway, just wanna say selamat hari raya aidil fitri, maaf zahir batin.. :)

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