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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

New Rules for the Site

Dear YPI Fans,

I know we don't like rules but sometimes they are necessary to keep the peace, so the YPI Management team decided to set up some ground rules to proceed with our site so that people can better enjoy their time while on our site. Here are the YPI 10 Commandments:
  1. No Swearing at other guests and commentators.
  2. No Sexual Harrassment of any kind
  3. No 'Your Momma's So Fat' comments
  4. No Eating
  5. No Spitting
  6. No Sex please, we're Bruneians.
  7. No Driving while surfing this site
  8. No picking your nose while on the YPI site. Little do you know that if you have a webcam on your laptop/computer we CAN actually see you, so please keep those little boogers in the cave.
  9. *******Make up your own YPI rule here*******
  10. No vigilante action on featured YPIs. WE DO NOT CONDONE ANY VIOLENCE OR ACTS OF STUPIDITY TOWARDS FEATURED YPIs. Please be civil to your fellow Bruneians, even if they park their cars like idiots. This rule we're actually VERY SERIOUS about.
Another new feature of this site is the 3 Strikes & You're Out. What this feature involves is basically this:

We will obey the rules of civility with featured YPIs for the first few offense, i.e. If you get featured once, your car numbers will be blurred but not the alphabets so their respective owners can still identify their cars without shame. They then can avoid being featured again in the future. However if they again misbehave and are caught on camera and sent to us, a 2nd offense brings exposure of their first number, and a 3rd brings a second number and so on and so forth until all numbers are revealed. This, I hope is fair for all and also serves the purpose of giving people a chance to repent their parking sins! We hope therefore our fans can help us keep track of repeat offenders. If we have featured them before, tell us and we'll get to work on the plates!

In the meantime, please come back and enjoy our site. Believe it or not Google actually pays us US$20 per hit so the more you come, the richer we get! So send those photos into sexymetermaid@yahoo.com
ASAP so you can make us all rich beyond our wildest imagination!

p.s. if you seriously thought we're actually making US$20 per hit, then you need a head doctor to examine you. NO WAY we would've settled for only US$20 per hit.


“New Rules for the Site”

  1. Blogger kediaku Says:

    welcome back. I welcome the introduction of the rules. hopefully, there are no more abuses on the site.

    i support this site in order to educate people about the importance of the parking properly. it is suffice we tell them that they are not parking properly, in hope they learn their lessons, without the need to be hostile.

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