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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

.. And Another Thing.

Many thanks to Park Urass for the help he has given us. Sexy Meter Maid has been so busy lately with her "other job", her own blog, dinner for husband, desserts for boyfriends and so on that she hasn't got much time to help.

I on the other hand, starting today and for the next few days, is given the chance to unwind after a dreadful few weeks. However that does not mean that I'll be online 25hrs a day. I got a life too you know.. and the battery on my laptop doesn't last that long anyway.

Other news. I have a new email address (ypidiot@gmail.com replacing parking.idiot@yahoo.com). I'm just finding it difficult switching from one yahoo account to another because emails are coming in from both yahoo accounts, this just makes things abit easier for me.

Keep sending those photos to us.. Me at ypidiot@gmail.com, ParkUrass at park.urass@yahoo.com and of course our sweet Sexy Meter Maid at sexymetermaid@yahoo.com. Each one of us have our own style of criticism so take your pick. Please give us some time to post your contribution, we will do it.. eventually. And if you can't wait patiently for it, send it to all three of us. I'm sure one of us will bound to post it.

The end of the month is just around the corner and there is not alot of votes for YPI of the month. Please get your votes in by clicking the funny face icon on the right side, top section of 'News Flash'

Guys and gals.. you've all been great. Thanks for all the photos, the flyers, the comments you've all written.. If you have some other ideas into making this site better, just write it in. All and all, we're just having abit of fun.. so don't do anything stupid ok.


“.. And Another Thing.”

  1. Anonymous cafe latte Says:

    By now (over 90 cases) I think, you can come up with a sort of conclusion on why do people park their cars inconsiderately. My suggestion is, it would be a good idea to enlighten this as a lesson we can learn from and not only (partly) shaming those idiots. But then again shaming also fun..hehe

  2. Anonymous Kellaz Says:

    This is a fantastic idea. I think this SHAMING is EDUCATING them. Bruneians generally have thick skin when it comes to admit their own wrong doings. (Jalan ku jua ni; di mana tah kan parking?; inda ko nampak aku menyimpang?) Their best and default answer is to blame other people. EVERYTIME! So I guess we need to put our foot down and say enough is parking enough! I even think you guys shouldn't sensor their license plate. Let them know that they are idiots. Thick skin idiot parkers in Brunei couldn't say nothing if there's prove! There are enough idiot drivers on the road, but we have more parking idiot in our car park. So keep at it guys. Also, count me in... I will join the bandwagon with you. I'll be watching Seria and KB for you!

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