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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Talent Search

A few posts ago (case 042), iRays said that he wanted to put a notice on the windscreen wipers of the cars he would take photos of telling them that their cars were caught on camera. One of our ex members of the YPI management actually made one but took it off the site when he left.

After hours and hours of begging, he let us use the flyer he made awhile ago. This is what it looks like...

We are now looking for new talents who can design one like this to be put on cars to be featured here. Designing a flyer is one thing, having them printed out by others and actually be placed on a YPI plus a photo taken with the flyer on the YPI's car is another.

If you submitted a flyer and it gets posted here, we'll let you be the guest critic of that particular post.. with conditions of course... So lets get cracking and show us what you're made of..


“Talent Search”

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