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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...


Contributed by Zephyr.

I'm not sure if this would be good for the YPIs because after over 90 cases, we have learned that YPIs cannot read signs!! Hehe!!

Zephyr did good on this but can't decide on the colour so she submited both to me. Here's the other one.

I like the latter better but both are damn good. I'll try to resize them tomorrow (if it needs resizing.. It's late to check now) and put it on the 'News Flash' section for easy access to anyone who's interested in printing them out.

Are there anyone else who's up to challenge Zephyr's beaut?

Jokes aside guys and gals, printing out these flyers and putting them on the windscreen wipers of YPIs is one thing, putting stickers on YPIs' cars is another. We're all here to have a little bit of fun, trying to blow of some steam about YPIs but don't go vandelising other peoples's properties just because they are idiots.

Like we mentioned in the earlier post, WE DO NOT CONDONE ANY VIOLENCE OR ACTS OF STUPIDITY TOWARDS FEATURED YPIs. Please be civil to your fellow Bruneians, even if they park their cars like idiots.

Thanks again Zephyr for all the hard work you have done.



  1. Blogger AnakBrunei Says:

    The Red bisai but would be nicer kalau flat saja without the raised and shadow effect. Yellow not as eye catching in my view... maybe I'm color blind heheheh

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