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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...


Case 274, part 3

Wednesday, July 25, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by R G.


Case 274, part 2.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by R G.

Continued to part 3.

Case 274, part 1.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Retarded Genius.

RG returned with a vengeance. HAAA!!..So many eh...Enjoy!!!! Continued to part 2.

Case 273.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Zegna.

Case 272.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Drummerockz.

Notice most of the cars are not properly parked.

Case 271.

Friday, July 20, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Piggy.

Wow, nice eh...." idiot!!!". Baik tah panyap semua paking atu...!!

Taken at Fitness Zone, Kiulap.

Case 270.

Thursday, July 12, 2007 by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by RC.

"Today, while I was having my lunch at ideal, Serusop, I saw this over sized (must you mention that she's oversized? hehe) lady park her car where you are not suppose to park. Look at the way she park. That show how ignorant she is. If a big vehicle is making a turn there, it will be difficult and if it got knocked, I'm sured that lady will blame the other driver"

Another unsatisfied but now maybe satisfied customer. Thanks RC for your contribution.

Submitted 11.07.07

Case 267, 268 and 269.

by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Overated_69.

I'm not quite sure where these were taken but they're everywhere aren't they? When will they learn?

Submitted 10.07.07

Case 267.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Piggy.

The raging Piggy says, "...Selfish b@#$%^d. He thinks he's king of the road. Taken at Science College parking lot..."

Case 266.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Piggy.

Piggy says, "... the photo show that the car is blocking the way and making the other cars difficult to manouevre and get out of the parking. Taken at RBA engineering department parking lot..."

"..And the bottom photos shows that the car is blocking the way as it is parked in a route way. Damn those PIs! Taken at RBA parking lot..." Err...don't quote me on this , i think the spaces is now claimed by the DCA.. or not. But who cares anyway...

YPI International 025.

Sunday, July 08, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by F.S., from Down Under.

"..YPIs from Down Under! Caught at Altone Park Golf Course, Western Australia. One was blocking our car... and both simply parked in front of the NO PARKING signs. Sheesh..."

YPI News

Friday, July 06, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Woohoo...Us guys just couldn't believe it...YPI has been selected as Simpur's Blogging Nation blog of the week. Many thanks to all the contributers, readers, drop by-ers and especially to the PIs that has been featured here..hehe..without you, this blog will never been created. So guys, please be considerate, bisai bisai tah paking, jangan luan kan mementing kan diri sendiri. If paking free panuh, ulur kan tia dua ringgit atu, limbu lagi, but that does not mean you can park in any exotic position...you know what i mean lah...

Wooohooo....heheh..so excited this.. Many thanks to Simpur.

YPI International 024.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Sir VR4RS.

"...Please find attached are pics whic were taken in Saudi Arabia few days

Parking Idiots just comes in a whole bunch every time. Most of the
drivers just simply park their cars on any spot, irrespective if they
are going to block the road or otherwise. Total MAYHEM!

Everywhere we go, there are bound to be lots of them! No worries of
having a short supply of these species here.

These pics were taken in Jeddah..."

news flash

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Many thanks to Piggy far all the posts he's done so far. As for me.. new job says it all..

Check out this case. Reeda is making me look bad by making this point instead of me. Haha!!

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