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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...


Case 296.

Saturday, September 29, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by RC.

So he says...."Just caught another YPI at gadong :)
I was walking towards my car and I saw this XXXX car that was parking in the middle of the road going towards the back of Hua Ho. It was just next to CA Mohd. I just can't believe that the owner of this car dare to park his car in that manner in Brunei! I know that Bruneian will not steal XXXX car!! (unlike people in XXXX), so show some respect when you park your truck in Brunei! Park properly! IDIOT!!..."

RC, i have to censor a bit of your angriness.

Case 295.

Friday, September 21, 2007 by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Dr Labi (That is correct, right?)

Remeber I said the other day about the 'Domino Effect'? Well it's cars like this is what cause it.

Dr. Labi said "Its hard to find a parking space during these holy month of ramadan, but these dude are really selfish. Selfish to the bone..... hate it, hate it, hate it... damnnnnnn!!" How very true, doctor..

Submitted 21.09.07

Case 294.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007 by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Bob.

I really hate these people who park like this. Its sometimes nearly impossible to get out of the slots on the left side which are the correct parking slots. Don't they love their cars that they just parked it where it might get bumped by moving cars? If I had that bimmer there, I would never in a million years park it where its at now. Sayang...

Submited on 16.09.07. Thanks Bob for your first contribution.

Case 293.

by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by eye m sepet.

I like what he said.. "taken at the mall LB parking lot in front of the elevator to the food court.
looks like the driver wasn't just hungry for food, he gobbled up the spaces too haha!!"

Yeah dude.. for a guy who's eyes are sepet, you sure can look for these idiots.

Submitted on 13.09.07. Sorry for the delay.. Posalah.. takut dosa. Hahaha!!

Case 292.

by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Muaz.

I can't find anything wro... HEY!! Wait a minute!! The sign says car park but that's actually the driveway!!

He posted this on his own blog. Check it out. And don't leave crappy messages on his shoutbox like someone did. That is not very nice. Hehe!! Yeah right.. like this is all rainbows and flower beds..

Submitted 11.09.07. Sorry for the delay dude..

Case 291.

by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Gnul.

The 'domino effect' is what this is called. It started with one and goes on and on and on until everyone goes home.. which usually takes 3 to 4 days. Hahah!! But seriously folks.. why do you think this happens? Is it because cars are getting bigger? Or parking slots are getting smaller? Or maybe brains are getting stoopider..

Submitted on 11.09.07.

Case 290.

Thursday, September 13, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by RC.

This is what RC has to say,
"..I went to Azmee Restaurant at Jln Gadong for lunch on Sunday. All the parking been taken until I saw this car that really annoyed me! The owner of this car probably think he or she is driving a truck! Look at the picture! He or she only drive a small car and decide to take 2 parking spaces! I was so annoyed that I was thinking of putting a note saying..."KAU INGAT PARKING ANI BAPAMU YANG PUNYA?!" Later decide not to! Just don't understand why there are such species exist in this world!.."

Case 289.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Piggy.

Piggy says, "..The idiot cant even park his TINY car properly.."

Location : Mall, Gadong.

Case 288.

Saturday, September 08, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Retarded Genius.

Case 287.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Piggy.

"..There are other empty parking slots. But still the IDIOT chose to park illegally. Same spot, different time, different idiot.."

Location: Behind Fitness Zone, Kiulap.

Case 286.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Idiot Recon.

"..I was rolling around on pay day and I guess the day just turns people into
idiots...especially how they park their cars!!

The second picture shows how inconsiderate people when parking their cars.
Due to their lazyness, one car park space had to be sacrifice to cater these

The first picture is a classic culture of parking habit which I regret
saying dispalyed. This idiot of someone actually park his/her car in the
middle results blocking an exit way. I suppose the car on each side should
share the blame as well as I dont think it was a legal parking space

Case 285.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Piggy.

Location : BIDB Building Kiulap.

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