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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...


Case 217.

Saturday, March 31, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Piggy.

"...i don't know if he's rushing or just simply lost. cos there were other empty parking slots. taken at Science College parking lot..."

Date : 29.03.2007 @ 1501hrs.

Case 216.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007 by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Zaza.

I find what Zaza wrote quite funny.. "..you may now kiss the..... uhhmm... black skyline? hehehee."

A show of skill.. and idiocity.

Time, date and place unknown.

Special No-Photo-Submitted Case.

Monday, March 26, 2007 by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by 48.

This was posted on her site. Just a wakeup call for everyone. I always thought that history is doomed to repeat itself unless we do something to stop it.

"Best Bruneian remark I've heard on 22 March 2007 (Pay Day) before 9pm outside The Mall's basement parking entrance:

Man in red Vitara parks INFRONT of the entrance of the basement parking, while waiting for the orange cone to be remove.

Man pulls down his window and talked to a man outside with a topi haji "Eh panuh sudah parking basement ani" (Looks like the basement parking is full)

Paji found the puuuuurrrfect solution and said "parking siring
saja" (park by the side)

We happened to hear this conversation whilst crossing (or more like waltzing) pass the congested traffic on Pay Day, and rolled our eyes when we heard what Paji said. Shiiiissssshhhh typical Bruneians. No offence! No wonder you guys are causing traffic when people like you are blocking the road when you parked your "I - CAN - AFFORD - TO - GET - A - CAR - LOAN - BUT- TOO - LAZY - TO - PARK - ELSEWHERE - WHERE - IT'S - EITHER- TOO - FAR - OR- COST - ANOTHER -$2 BUT - IT'S - TWO - STREETS - AWAY- car" by the side of the curb i.e. NO PARKING ZONE!"

What I'm trying to say is that sometimes the elderly thinks that what they do is always right. We can't tell them what to do because then we'd be biadap or kurang ajar. The best thing to do is not to follow their lead. The world is changing and we have to change with it. The puck stops here.. starting with us. Don't be an idiot, be considerate to others..

Okay, enough about this, lets have some more photos guys and gals!!

Case 215.

Thursday, March 22, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Piggy.

OMG!, firstly, this fella parked as if he owned the road and second, its pointing in the opposite direction. Daym!

Taken at Batu Bersurat Complex. Date : 22.03.2007 @ 0735hrs.

Case 214.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Zephyr.

Parking idiots behaving badly. enough said.

Case 212 and 213.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Piggy.

Case 212

Well i don't blame the owner of this Getz, he/she might be still wondering whereabouts were the white lines, anyhow, PI non the less. Ha!

Case 213

And this X-Trail owner is definitely LOST!!

Taken at National Sports Complex. Date : 19.03.2007 @ 1421hrs.

Case 211.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Hakeem.

This PI has to be retested in how to park sensibly, or this guy hasn't got one yet, thats the reason he/she parked at the "L", hahah.

Taken at Yayasan Shopping Mall basement parking.

Case 210.

Sunday, March 18, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Zm.

Zm says, "This was taken somewhere in Kiarong area, at the back of Hokko. That was THIS close. However, there was ample space behind the white SUV,so it was either a prank to the Xtrail or just plain stupid. Sorrydidn't get a further view."

I say, "..dude, this is what i call an extreme bumper to bumper parking. Didn't left enough space for people to pass through between the bumpers, haha. I think is about 0.5cm spacing, well done."
Taken on 17.03.2007 @ 1125hrs.

Case 209.

Thursday, March 15, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Piggy.

Just look at this incosiderate red X-Trail. This guy must be in a hurry after his prays, so he planned to reverse park, then again in incosiderate way.

Taken at Jame Asr' Mosque. Date : 03.09.2007 @ 13.21hrs.

YPI International 011.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by VR4RS.

Hey hey hey!! Its our regular international contributer VR4RS. Masyallah!! What do we have here? Arabic style parking!! You can see from the first picture that there are at least 3 cars parked at an angle when they are not suppose to be like that. Another 2 cars in the second picture.

I'd say the government money's wasted drawing lines for parking spaces.

Taken in Abu Dhabi.
Time 1315. Dated 14.05.07.


Friday, March 09, 2007 by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Piggy.

We had one like this before here. It was similar but the case is the same. As we said before, we are sorry to reject this case due to the fact that limited parking slots are available for bikes.

Sorry man, try again yeah?

Case 208.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007 by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by The Droog.

The trolley is actually parked properly but at a car parking slot. The Vios on the other hand is not. You can almost make out the lines which probably why its not parked correctly..

Sure, blame the line.

Where and whens.. dunno.

Case 207.

Friday, March 02, 2007 by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Asri.

Funny case this is.. For those of you who does not know what to focus on, its the Satria in the middle. Its parked in a way where its not suppose to park but it in the slot where its suppose to but not the right way so its the wrong way and so on and so forth.. Hehe..

Basically i think this guy is just confused whether to park it in a slanting position or straight on. We talked about it at YPI, its not a parking idiot, its a parking confusion.

The van on the left however.. is the real PI which I guess is the cause of this confusion.

Taken near Coffee Zone Qlap. Time and date as stated on the photo.

Case 202-206.

by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Asri.

I think its a YPI convention because Asri is having a field day at Gadong Properties

Case 202.

I think this is very considerate. If you look closely on the first photo, there is a red car on the right side. They are actually sharing one parking slot. Isn't that considerate of him? hehe..

Case 203.

..and why did they share a parking slot you might ask.. Its because this idiot took two.

Case 204.

Again.. its the sharing is caring thing..

Case 205.

.. and again its because of idiots like this.. Hehe.. you get it right?

Case 206.

This is Dracula's car. See how nicely parked it is in the shade?

Taken at Gadong Properties. Time and date as stated on the photos.

Special Case.

Thursday, March 01, 2007 by Idiot Patrol

This is indeed a special case.. If you want to know what happened, got to Marvel Less Talk.

Nice work on Marvel Less Talk. Keep it up dude..

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