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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...


Case 182.

Friday, January 26, 2007 by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Asri.

All of this because of a trolley.. See what happens when you become inconsiderate? That's a good one parking slot gone because somebody cared less and just left the trolley there.

Be kind to others guys..

Taken at Supa Save, Beribi. (Not sure cos not written)
Time 12:06. Date 26.01.07.

YPI International 007.

by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Insane.

I dunno what this guy was thinking.. I guess if it works for bicycles, why wouldn't it work on cars?

Yo Insane.. If you're reading this, give us some details.

Case 181.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by EETFUK.
What do you do if you are the earliest one to arrive at work? Claim the whole floor just like this PI. Amazing.

Taken at Ministry of Finance parking area. Date: 23.01.2007 @ 0748hrs.

Case 180.

by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Asri.

I can see how this one is parked like this.. See all those lines? I can't blame him for getting confused.. idiot.

Date 23.01.07.

Case 179.

by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Asri.

How to park a big car.. Hehe. Notice how the car on the left is doing the same thing. I think the car on the right has got it all wrong..

Taken at Batu Besurat (Thanks Droogie).
Date 23.01.07.

Case 178.

by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Asri.

So what do you when you go out shopping and and you forgot your umbrella? You either park at the basement or wait til it stops raining or go back home and get your brolley or buy another one and keep it in you car... oh!! or park close to the shop near the shaded area.

Taken near SKH Gadong.
Dated 23.01.07.

Case 176 and 177.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by anak brunei.

I don't think this is from Reeda's AnakBrunei.

Case 176. '....This picture was taken in Supa Save Beribi Branch. – 3.47 pm.
It was clearly stated there that no cars were allowed to park but these idiots just zoom and park there. '

Case 177. '....Taken at outside RIPAS Hospital, (near the Primary School area) – 2.29 pm
There was a parking sign there but still these idiots just parked there. How stupid. The police should have clamp their tires and let them pay for not reading the sign.'

That was easy.

YPI International 006.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by OrgGilaDurian.

Even Aussiean needed another parking lessons. Nice blue building at the background, it's IKEA!!!*drooling*.

Taken at Ikea, Western Aussie. Date: 22.01.2007 @ 1009hrs.

Case 175.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Asri.

What? What happened here? Are these PIs going amok? The thick, bold, 5 inches white line was never there huh? Crazy!! What a waste of parking spaces. Very incosiderate.

Taken at Gadong Properties Area. Date: 22.01.2007 @ 1501hrs.

Case 174.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Passer-by :).

Passer-by :) says, 'My jaw dropped when i saw how the car was parked'. And i say, definitely a parking idiot, big time. Or he/she just testing the car's 4 wheel drive power, hehe.

Taken at Ministry of Education area. Date: 18.01.2007 @ 1611hrs.

Case 173.

Sunday, January 21, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Zephyr.

'..this driver is a real hogger. I parked my car across the building in the pic and just before i got out of mine, this black car literally zoomed right into the parking space (an entire family got out) and just left it like that. The family went to have a drink or something from the looks of it.'

This guy really knows how to park (NOT!), the car parked right at the centre of the "T".

All info in pic.

Case 172.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Piggelo.

I thought this would be another YPI International, but sadly it wasn't. Read on, 'Hey there, i would like to submit a photo. I parked in one of Miri's shopping complexes' basement parking. I had a difficult time to park my car due to a 'parking idiot'. I thought it was a Miri-an car, but surprisingly it was a Bruneian car! Pls post this photo so that Brunei parking idiots would be educated. Thanx!'

Caught!! The car (the PI) behind the white car thinks the lot is not big enough for his/her big car. D'uh!

Taken in Miri Town.Date: 20.01.2007 @ 1322hrs.

Edited. Rejected.

Saturday, January 20, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by krushedvelvet.

'...baru ko nyaman,inda kan pandai merati, luan di asuh bah babal ah..' In other words, served you right you parking idiot, well done Mr. Policeman sir!

And as worded by the sender, 'I don't know whether this constitutes as a parking idiot or not.. but this guy was clearly occupying the handicapped ramp at the airport, despite it being clearly marked.. He was there for a while when a member of the local constabulary came over and gave him an earful about his transgression.. It really made my day that this idiot was caught and reprimanded.. and on camera as well.'

Edited : I have to reject this case. First of all there is a driver in the car which means he can drive away from the said location anytime or ushered away by the authority, which in this case by Mr. Policeman, well done sir.

Taken at Brunei International Airport's only ramp (outside building at departure). Date: 18.01.2007 @ 1050hrs.

Case 171.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by WildFire.
This adorable cute kura-kura was caught green handed parking at the no parking/drop off/pick-up point zone and some people or then called PIs looked at these things very lightly. Arghh....

Taken at JPMC. Date: 19.01.2007 @ 1745hrs.

Case 170.

Thursday, January 18, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Gnul.

Gnul wrote 'caught it d qlap sbaris express..it start with keta wagon putih atu..paking tabak..lapas keta brown ato kuar yg lain ngikut jua..such an idiot.. '

Honestly,*wink*wink* i haven't got an idea how to express/translate Gnul's writing in English. So YPI fans, help needed, e-mail me and i will publish it.

Taken at Kiulap area. Date: 06.01.2007 @ 1044hrs

Case 169.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Zephyr.

Ordinary scene at The Mall, PIs are actually scattered all over the area. These PIs really can't afford to pay 2$ at the basement parkings but will they afford for the repair if they been hit by the reversing cars? Anyway and anyhow, they will park like an idiot if they parked at the basement parking, enough said.

Taken at The Mall Gadong. Date: 15.01.2007 @ 1845hrs.

Case 168.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Kalel.

One straight of row of PIs hillariously parked their car at the two way road. Why hillarious?
Hint: don't look at the photo, read the photo.
To the PIs, if you can't read, dont drive.
To the Private Property Management: better lug next time, spelling mark : 8/10

Taken at a mysterious location. Date: 15.01.2007 @ 1029hrs.

Case 167.

Monday, January 15, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by UcingItam.

A healthy life style was the theme, but this particular PI has taken two lots and parked in a manner of which i can describe as undeniably stupid. But why i may ask, was he/she in a hurry or maybe reseving the lot for his/her mate?

Taken at Tasek Lama Recreational Park. Date: 14.01.2007 @ 1630hrs.

Case 166.

Saturday, January 13, 2007 by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by r3dRaGoon.

Nice car, idiot driver. Maybe this wasn't an PI. Maybe this is a smart parker. You gotto park it somewhere where people can get a close look at it right? Idiot...

Taken at the entrance to The Mall.

YPI Times.

Friday, January 12, 2007 by ParkUrAss

An article snatched from Emma. Thanks Emma.

From the Tagboard, Dodd says..
YPI responded : so we pixelated the 'bulu kaki'. See photo below.

And Sexy Meter Maid says..

And I responded : Oh honey, let be yourself be a secret for now. Let them be having a wild and sexy imagination of how you really look like. And who knows, some people would really imagined you be like the photo below, grrrrr...woof...woof...givit to me baby!

Yet Another Sticker.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Zaku.

Now Zaku has shown his manhood, literally.

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