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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...


Case 037.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006 by Management of YPI

Contributed by Tina.

I'm abit confused about this photo. I see some lines which I can barely make out but I think it's the line for a parking spot. Anyway, Tina's submitted it so I'll post it but write in some clarifications ok Tina, so we'll all know what you took.

Taken at Triple Star Kiulap. Time 6ish pm. Date 30.10.06.

Happy Halloween guys and gals..


Case 036.

Sunday, October 29, 2006 by Sexy Meter Maid

Contributed by Reeda.

Yet another artistic PI mugshot. The PI in this picture is hard to figure out due to the ever so subtle idiotism in their parking style. However by parking the way he/she did has robbed other shoppers and customers of at least 2 spots. How inconsiderate of the Parking Idiot. But then again Parking Idiots are by their very nature defined by their 'inconsideratism' (is this even a word, or did we just invent one?!) and selfishness!

Taken at Batu Bersurat shopping complex at TTK. Time and Date: Unknown.


Case 035.

by Sexy Meter Maid

Contributed by Zaku.

YPI Management actually thought this was a thing of the past in RIPAS cos they do clamp the illegal parkers, but apparently they are not doing it consistently. The RIPAS hospital carpark is already so small that this PI just serves to make it even tougher to park there. You belong in here then Mr PI @ RIPAS, showcased in all your glory.

Taken at RIPAS Carpark on 28.10.06 @ 2.53pm.


Case 034.

by Management of YPI

Contributed by Zaku.

Neither rain nor storm, Zaku and his zoom spy camera is out and about again doing what he does best, finding eXtreme Menabak Parking Idiots. This time he found one at the Airport. Expensive car, idiot driver, or shall we say 'parker'.

Also caught on his camera is the handicap man. Although we can say that he's actually waiting, still be more considerate and respect the sign 'For Handicap Only'.

Taken at the Airport. Time 14:00. Date 28.10.06.


Let's VOTE!!!

Friday, October 27, 2006 by Management of YPI

Ok guys and gals, the end of the month is coming and we need to vote for the Idiot of the Month Award so lets get cracking shall we?

Vote for your favourite here and stand a chance to win 3 free parking tickets to park where ever you want and get your photos posted here.


Case 033.

by Sexy Meter Maid

Contributed by WildFire.

This one we're actually quite confused about. Who's the REAL Parking Idiot here???!! *Will the REAL Parking IDIOT please stand up** (please sing to Eminem tune). According to Wildfire "
Dunno who's right who's wrong here but if you see the T white marking on the ground, I'd say both are fully certified PI's. Suka2 hatinya saja parking, baik gulung tanah ah jadikan bantal paluk..hahahaaha". I couldn't have said it any better, WildFire.

Taken at Padian Food Court parking lot in Tanjung Bunut.Time 6:30pm Date 27.10.06.


Case 032.

by Management of YPI

Contributed by Road Rage.

This guy must be a lorry driver as a job. Notice how far back it's parked leaving all the free space in front? It's even touching the left side of the parking line. There goes 2 parking slots.

Taken at The Mall lower basement parking area. Date 15.10.06.


Global Parking Idiots - READ ALL ABOUT IT!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006 by Sexy Meter Maid

Despite the fact that we poke fun at Parking Idiots in Brunei, and sometimes make fart sounds and infantile/juvenile jokes at our readers, we at YPI are quite the intellectual lot! Degrees from Harvard School of Driving and Parking is a must for our Management Team. Below is a link to an article contributed by Kasmirhan from Case 025. Please read the article. Little did we know these Parking Idiots are the cause of Corruption! Damn those Idiots!

Management Note: Parking Idiots do not actually cause Corruption, but can be an indirect indicator as pointed out by Fisman and Miguel, authors of the article. Something for you to read while in the bog doing No.2 (or is that No.1?).

PS: Thanks Kasmirhan for the link to the article. You've managed to help us make our Management Team look smarter than we really are!


Case 031.

by Sexy Meter Maid

Contributed by Stukin Bubus (Man, you're on a ROLL!).

OK, here's the scene. You're around a shopping complex and the traffic is slow. You notice a car in front of you haven't moved in a while, so you think 'Hmmmmm, what's he doing? Maybe he's waiting to pick someone up. I can't get pass cos it's narrow'. So you wait, only to realise the car in front is PARKED with the Parking Idiot happily shopping for Raya. How inconsiderate.

We at YPI extend our deepest and sincerest condolences to the Hyundai SUV driver for waiting for the PI. We also want to salute you for your patience!

BEEP BEEP! Move it!

DAMN IT! He's actually parked there, the IDIOT!

The Offending Idiot! Do you see any white lines, dude?? No!
That means it's not a parking space, you Parking Idiot!

Taken at Delima complex (?), Serusop. Time 5ish pm. Date 23.10.06


Case 030.

by Sexy Meter Maid

Contributed by Stukin Bubus.

This PI must have vision problems or maybe he thinks he's in the desert and saw a mirage of a parking spot when there weren't actually any. We at YPI know these sort of PIs are plentiful in Brunei, a very unfortunate species of Bruneians! What can we do to get the message across?!!! Stop parking like an IDIOT!

Taken at Batu Bersurat, Gadong. Time 1ish. Date 23.10.06


Case 029.

by Management of YPI

Contributed by Stukin Bubus.

This one I like. 2 (kinds of idiot) in 1. I bet you Stuking Bubus was taking a photo of the trolley and the car was just there at the right time and the right place. Coincident? I think not.

The car shouldn't have parked there. How in the world can you make a right turn when its there? And the trolley..?!! Do people know there's no brakes on that thing? It could've rolled down the road when you're driving and BAM!!! There's a dent in your car. Be responsible! Put it back where it belongs.

Taken at Delima Shopping Complex near Nazmi. Time 1ish. Dated 23.10.06.


Case 028.

by Management of YPI

Contributed by Sampah Space.

This is people with money man!! Got money? Take 2 parking spots. Got big car? H*ll! Take 3 spots!

Taken in front of Guan Chuan Photo Kiulap, dapannnya Mulaut Abbatoir meat shop, sebaris dangan Merce Snooker yg d ujung atu... (thanks Kikurass). Time and date dunno.


Case 027.

by Management of YPI

Contributed by JoLo JoLo.

Sorry I've forgotten about this photo. It was during the time of YPI crisis.

Anyways, again this is taken at Yayasan basement parking area. Seems like this is a favourite spot for people lazy to walk a few extra steps or wait for one to be available.

This I think is very inconsiderate. People parked appropriately at the correct parking area will find it difficult to get out of the spot because these idiots are reducing the available space in front of it. To some extreme, one might not even able to get out.

You got to think people!! Be considerate.. lose a few pounds by walking it off..

Taken at Yayasan basement parking area. Time 17:14. Dated 16.10.06.
JoLo JoLo.. Sorry for the delay man..


Case 026.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 by Management of YPI

Contributed by Zaku.

Zaku has done it again, this time being more careful taking this photo using a telegraphic zoom lens attached to his mobile camera fone.. You can't be more careful than that.

We've decided on categorizing the ways cars are parked but we were not sure on the names of the categories quite yet. This is quite extreme, people, so we're going to put this in as 'eXtreme Parking Menabak'. Haha!!

If anyone's got a name for a category for parkings, post it at the 'Chat Me Up' lines so everybody can see it.

Taken at The Department of Electrical Services. Time 11:30. Date 21.10.06.


Case 025.

Monday, October 23, 2006 by Sexy Meter Maid

Contributed by Reda.

We at YPI Managemen absolutely love this picture contributed by Reeda. It's in black and white and is very artistic. To quote Reeda 'Who says we cant take artistic shots of Parking Idiots eh?'. Very true. We welcome artistic pictures. In fact we challenge our fans to take as artistic a picture as you can to spice things up! So bring out those SLRs and start snapping. Diffuse and do colour corrections in Photoshop to change your picture into works of art!

This picture was taken at Yayasan on Sunday 22/10/06 @ 2.45pm. This is a common occurrence in Yayasan and we are not surprised by this. However as with all Malls, Mall Management are the ones responsible to stop parking idiots from exhibiting their behaviour. If they don't do anything, this sort of behaviour will continue. Reeda, keep an eye out for a second or third offense from this guy!

Taken at Yayasan Basement parking Area. Time 2:45pm. Date 22.10.06.


New Rules for the Site

Sunday, October 22, 2006 by Sexy Meter Maid

Dear YPI Fans,

I know we don't like rules but sometimes they are necessary to keep the peace, so the YPI Management team decided to set up some ground rules to proceed with our site so that people can better enjoy their time while on our site. Here are the YPI 10 Commandments:
  1. No Swearing at other guests and commentators.
  2. No Sexual Harrassment of any kind
  3. No 'Your Momma's So Fat' comments
  4. No Eating
  5. No Spitting
  6. No Sex please, we're Bruneians.
  7. No Driving while surfing this site
  8. No picking your nose while on the YPI site. Little do you know that if you have a webcam on your laptop/computer we CAN actually see you, so please keep those little boogers in the cave.
  9. *******Make up your own YPI rule here*******
  10. No vigilante action on featured YPIs. WE DO NOT CONDONE ANY VIOLENCE OR ACTS OF STUPIDITY TOWARDS FEATURED YPIs. Please be civil to your fellow Bruneians, even if they park their cars like idiots. This rule we're actually VERY SERIOUS about.
Another new feature of this site is the 3 Strikes & You're Out. What this feature involves is basically this:

We will obey the rules of civility with featured YPIs for the first few offense, i.e. If you get featured once, your car numbers will be blurred but not the alphabets so their respective owners can still identify their cars without shame. They then can avoid being featured again in the future. However if they again misbehave and are caught on camera and sent to us, a 2nd offense brings exposure of their first number, and a 3rd brings a second number and so on and so forth until all numbers are revealed. This, I hope is fair for all and also serves the purpose of giving people a chance to repent their parking sins! We hope therefore our fans can help us keep track of repeat offenders. If we have featured them before, tell us and we'll get to work on the plates!

In the meantime, please come back and enjoy our site. Believe it or not Google actually pays us US$20 per hit so the more you come, the richer we get! So send those photos into sexymetermaid@yahoo.com
ASAP so you can make us all rich beyond our wildest imagination!

p.s. if you seriously thought we're actually making US$20 per hit, then you need a head doctor to examine you. NO WAY we would've settled for only US$20 per hit.


A Taste Of What's Coming Your Way

Saturday, October 21, 2006 by Management of YPI


Case 024

I got to hand it to them, parking idiots are everywhere. These guys are clever and can get away with it. Notice how the plate number was cleverly concealed!

This trolley was parked, unattended and left for 5 minutes before the owner came back to claim it. I know the festive season is coming and people are out shopping their heart's desire, but that's very irresponsible not to mention inconsiderate in blocking the WHOLE aisle! Tut tut!

Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Deepavali people, thank you for your support.

Taken at Hua Ho Serusop Aisle 4. Time and date dunno. Contributed by Go Blog.

P.S. We NEVER said it had to be cars!


The End is Here Now....

by Management of YPI

Dear fellow YPI followers,

After much deliberation, the Management Team of YPI have come to a decision. There were alot of debate during the meeting, not least about this whole damn gay telly tubby issue cos we still couldn't nail down which of them or all of them were gay. In any case, here is our decision. We hope you fully understand and respect our decision.

The crisis we experienced was sparked by idiotic elements of another kind within our society, beyond that of idiots parking their cars. These elements included sexual harassment, vandalism, groping, coups, attempted murder, plotting to kill, directed at fellow staff members as well as featured YPIs. We started this website to show in a fun and friendly way how people can be inconsiderate to their fellow neighbours by parking their cars irresponsibly. Instead it got out of hand and one of our staff was sexually harrassed last week while attempting to take a picture of a car. They called her names, and she ended up crying.

As such we have decided for our own personal safety and for the safety of our fellow Bruneians, this site will have to be closed down indefinitely. We thank you for your your heartwarming support for this site and although we tried our best to achieve a goal through this site, it has been derailed by criminal elements within our small community.

Thank you and we're sad to say, good bye......

The Management Team of YPI...

p.s. We're ONLY kidding! You people ah.. so gullible one leh you.... The Management Team of YPI was actually in a secret location negotiating with Google on how we can take this site global! We are now multimillionaires thanks to a deal we hankered out with them and the site will be back on during HARI RAYA!


p.p.s. BUT on a serious note, during the meeting, Meter Man, the founder wanted to shut the site down. The other team disagreed and promptly divorced and dumped him. So if you see a guy wandering around aimlessly in Tamu, Bandar, he's Meter Man. It's easy to spot him cos he's got a Parking Meter hanging round his neck in shame. We're looking for interested individuals to take over Meter Man's place. However you will not be entitled to the loot we managed to wrangle from Google. You'll work for peanuts, make us tea and possibly even have to wash our skidmarked undies from time to time.


Stick Around

Thursday, October 19, 2006 by Management of YPI

The Management Team for YPI is currently huddled in a dank basement somewhere in Kampung Air to discuss the future of this site... (Hey Kampung Air houses do not have any basement ...?? Damn something soft and warm's just landed on my head??! SHHII*******).

In any case, there are alot of philosophical issues for us to resolve about this site such as:

Why are we here?

What is our purpose?

What is the meaning of life?

Is the universe really filled with so many Parking Idiots?

Which of the telly tubbies is gay?

The site will be back in the near future when we know the ins and outs of how the universe works, so please stay tuned...

Case 023.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 by Management of YPI

Contributed by Stukin Bubus.

First there were two, but now left one.

About the contributer.. I gotto hand it to you man,
you have got to be a hard core fan to wait and stick around and get me these photos. Inda mau sungkai kah? Hehe.

Taken at Millimewah Lambak. Time 6ish before Sungkai. Date 17.10.06.
Stukin Bubus, I salute you.


Case 022.

by Management of YPI

Contributed by Stukin Bubus.

Why do people do this? Blocking cars is a no-no guys. Not just one, but three (I think..) I can see there is a slot on the left just next to the maroon coloured car. Maybe there was a parked car when he first past it, but there is no reason why he just gave up and park wherever he wants.

Taken at Soon Lee Megamart. Time 4ish pm. Date 17.10.06.


Car Plate Number Pt 2

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 by Management of YPI

This is bound to happen.

I started this blog with the intention of trying to teach people to park properly and be more considerate to others, not trying to start a war of words between readers. I have had my car scratched and dented so many times because of people like this and people who love their cars would agree there is no other way of telling them how to be more considerate.

I do not think I am above the law and there are authourities in Brunei who can prevent this from happening. However, we all know that some people would cared less about them and law enforcers would just put a blind eye to it thinking that they would be the one who will get into trouble. Its a vicious cirlce this. We should be the ones who should be.. umm.. not afraid but galat nya orang Brunei to the authourities, not the other way around.

I sincerely apologise to annonymous who made a comment on Case 020.

About blurring the plate number, shall we leave it to the readers? Lets vote on whether we should do it or not.

Case 021.

by Management of YPI

Contributed by Adek Rox.

Finally, our very first, non-Bruneian nomination. Taken at Centrepoint parking near Takara Restaurant, this expat (SS plates, is that from Sabah?) Obviously his car is too big for the spot, or perhaps he just doesn't know how to park. For him we suggest the 'Learn how to Park' link on this blog so he can learn how to park. Thank you for your entrance into this nomination, our very 1st EPI (Expat Parking Idiot)!

Taken, time and date... dunnoh!!. By guest critic Sexy Meter Maid.


Case 020.

by Management of YPI

Contributed by Wildfire.

Here's a nice one. According to our photographer, this was taken in Hua Ho Tanjung Bunut, near the entrance to the Basement Parking. The walking distance to the entrance from this parking spot is actually further than if parked in the basement. So this one doesn't make sense, but I suppose it will help them reduce their weight by walking more! Nonetheless, obstructing other vehicles, this idiot has done, so it passes as a Parking Idiot case. PI BW**** - well done, Thanks for playing 'Who's the Parking Idiot!' Best of luck with your nomination.

Taken at the entrance to Hua Ho Tanjong Bunut basement parking. Time 20:30. Date 17.10.06. By guest critic Sexy Meter Maid.


Case 019.

Monday, October 16, 2006 by Management of YPI

Contributed by Lambchops.

I think this one is just couldn't wait to get out of here. See how close it is to the exit? I saw a comment about euro car owners have a licence to park anywhere. This guy have to understand that that was a sarcastic remark, not a statement.

Taken at UB parking area at the Mall. Time just after sungkai. Date 15.10.06 (maybe). Thanks Jess.


Case 018.

Sunday, October 15, 2006 by Management of YPI

Contributed by Wildfire.

Finally!! After all this talk about Hua Ho No Parking Crisis, somebody actually went and took a photo of it. Not a very good photo, but a photo non the less. Heheh..

And it is a crisis over there. 6 caught on camera. There's a police station some where close there, right? Wildfire said that there were lots of free parking spaces at the basement. Does it matter? Too far from the main entrance!!

Shall we put them under the 'lazy' category?

Taken at the Hua Ho Tanjong Bunut Mall. Time and date, dunno.


Case 017.

by Management of YPI

Contributed by Rebel And A Liberator.

'DING DONG DING DONG' Will the parking idiots please read the sign on your left which says 'DO NOT PARKING PARK HERE OR ELSE WE WILL CLAMP YOUR CAR' If you don't move it, we still won't clamp you but pretty please, will you move it?! Wonder why they put the Clamping sign there when they won't clamp you?

Taken, time and date.. dunno. Guest Author: Meter Maid


Case 016.

by Management of YPI

Contributed by Rebel And A Liberator.

This Parking Idiot obviously must be a little bit schizoid or have multiple personalities - At the time of the picture being taken, he must be in his Taxi man persona.. 'You talkin' to me? Are you talking to me huh?' DeNiro style without the cool factor, but the Parking Idiot factor.

Taken at the roads that surround taman bandar. Time 11ish. Date 09.10.06.
Guest author Meter Maid.


Case 015.

Saturday, October 14, 2006 by Management of YPI

Contributed by Boyboy.

This guy is smart to use a Pajero so its high enough to miss the road divider, but never the less an idiot still. We'll put it under the 'SMART TALOR' catagory.

Taken at UBD. Dated 12.10.06.


Case 014.

by Management of YPI

Contributed by Boyboy.

Apparently, having an education doesn't mean you can park better than anyone else.

Taken at UBD. Date 12.10.06. Thanks Sharon..


Drum Roll...

Friday, October 13, 2006 by Management of YPI

Dear Parking Idiot Lovers of Brunei,

When I posted this website, my vision was to unite us as a nation of parking idiot haters so we can fight against the idiocy of our fellow countrymen and women and naming and shaming them into submission. Your overwhelming response to my website and contribution has been extremely appreciated and for your passion in revealing parking idiots in your everyday lives, I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my Parking Idiot Hating Heart.

In response to your passion, I have decided to
come up with a new way in which to get everyone more involved in our new pastime, that that is for us all to vote for the Parking Idiot of the Month Award. All you have to do is to click on the Comment link on the Case Number in question, and then in the comment section, just type VOTE. At the end of the voting period, the case with the most number of comments will win the award. Once the award has been confirmed, it is our task.... no, our PASSIONATE DUTY to seek out the Parking Idiot of that Month and when we see him/her on the streets of Brunei, to salute him/her for their contribution to our society in giving us a passionate cause.

Please support this cause and show our passion towards recognising our source of passion! But please, Parking idiots, although ARE idiots are also human (barely), so please do not place a lamp shade on their head like the picture.

Case 013.

Thursday, October 12, 2006 by Management of YPI

Contributed by Ranoadidas.

Ranoadidas posted this on his website a few days ago and has kindly contributed it for this site.

This is very inconsiderate and selfish not to mention silly, leaving the car parked at the pathway of the car park. I would say that this is the case of the 'Raya Shopping Virus'.

I guess you can't really blame'em. With all the shopping done, whose got the energy to take it all the way to the car if its parked a long way for the main exit, especially when you're fasting, you ARE fasting, right..? RIGHT..??!!

Taken at The Mall Basement Parking Area. Dated 10.10.06.


Case 012.

Monday, October 09, 2006 by Management of YPI

Contributed by Pianoman.

Blind man's car park. Never seem to fail when these guys parked at a no parking zone right in front of a no parking sign. How big a sign does it take to tell these people that nobody's allowed to park there.

We will put it under the 'BLIND" catagory.

Taken at Beribi (near the Ikea wannabe shop). Time 13:16. Date 09.10.06.


Case 011.

by Management of YPI

Contributed by Pianoman.

This one is the ULTIMATE IDIOT!! The blockhead left his car behind parked cars and just left it there. Pianoman said that the owner of the Lancer thought someone was waiting in the bimmer. Unfortunately nobody was there. He even left the parking brakes on so the car can't be pushed either way to allow the parked cars out.

Talk about selfish idoitic blockhead. This one tops the lot. It was left there for more than 20 minutes. The Lancer owner finally gave up waiting and got out with alot of difficulties and with the help of others watching over. The Lancer owner said that if he wasn't fasting, he would've kicked the bimmer and left it with dents.

Take at the Mall. Time 11:56. Dated 09.10.06.


Busy Weekend

Sunday, October 08, 2006 by Management of YPI

Guys.. It's been a busy week for me but keep sending those fotos to parking.idiot@yahoo.com and I'll post thoses fotos as soon as I can.

Case 010.

Saturday, October 07, 2006 by Management of YPI

Contributed by Go Blog.

Brunei is great at building shopping malls but always forget to keep in mind about bigger parking spaces. Some times they do take account of the parking areas but its just too far away from the shops.

So I suggests smaller shops but bigger parking areas around the shops. Also shops must have entrance at every wall of the building.

This idiot can't find a parking space (cos we lack of it) so he just parked wherever he pleases. Maybe he did find a spot, but it was blocked (like the stupid Pajero of the previous post).

Taken again at Batu Bersurat shopping area. Time 15:52. Date 06.10.06


Case 009.

by Management of YPI

Contributed by Go Blog.

Why people do this I don't know. As you
can see clearly he's parked at a non parking area right in front of an empty (E..M..P..T..Y.. is that spelled clearly?) parking space!!! Go figure!

Blind? Maybe.. Idiot? Definately!!!

Taken also at Batu Bersurat shopping area. Time 15:51. Date 06.10.06


Case 008.

by Management of YPI

Contributed by Go Blog.

Some people just can't get the hint. If you see big, BIG coloured stones in the middle of the road, it means don't park they cos you're blocking other traffic!!

Taken at Batu Bersurat shopping area. Time 15:49. Date 06.10.06.


Case 007.

Thursday, October 05, 2006 by Management of YPI

Contributed by Police Camera.

I guess Hari Raya season is just around the corner. Idiots will be crawling out of the gutter to get the festive seasons in gear. And since evryone else is out too, you can expect to see alot of this around.

Why do you think its parked there? One reason I can think of is why waste time finding a parking space when good bargins are taking place. Early bird gets the worm, right?

Very, VERY irresponsible. This is how traffic jams get started. Another one in the 'TALORGGH' catagory.

Taken on the bridge by The Mall. Time 14:53. Date 05.10.06.

Police Camera's comment: "He's a very considerate idiot telling others to pass thru with a smile, but he is still an IDIOT!!"


Case 006.

by Management of YPI

Contributed by Go Blog.

Again, its the curse to the 'double parking idiot'. Although to be fair, we don't really know if the driver is in the car or not.

This photo is posted because Go Blog is kind enough to contribute it. Idiot or not, I'll leave it to the readers...

Taken near IBB (or BIBD) BSB. Time 15:05. Date 05.10.06.


Case 005.

by Management of YPI

Contributed by Go Blog.

It's funny how its always like this, double parked just beside an empty parking space. Ok, well maybe it wasn't empty when he got there, but he shouldn't have double parked at all. You know where this is right? It's right infront of a t-junction.

Taken in front of a t-junction, IBB (or BIBD). Time 15:04. Date 05.10.06.

BTW I like the name, Go Blog. hehehe..


Case 004.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006 by Management of YPI

Contributed by Zaku.

Double idiots double parked. Need I say more? I guess its ok because Brunei's Road are big and wide... NOT!!!

Taken at Government Building, Department of Electrical Services. Time 10:34. Date 03.10.06.

For info, there are a lot of available spaces around. Maybe the idiots aren't idiots.. maybe they are just blind. All the same, idiots and blind people aren't allowed to drive.


Case 003.

by Management of YPI

Contributed by Zaku.

This is so common. Parked at the yellow line, or at the no parking sign. This idiot felt so invincible that he parked right in front of the sign. We'll put him in the 'talorrggh' catagory.

Taken at Government Building, Department of Electrical Services. Time 10:32. Date 03.10.06.


Case 002.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006 by Management of YPI

Contributed by Zaku.

This is not an unusual case. Usually happens during payday when people withdraw money from the local bank at the airport. They would withdraw hurndreds of dollars but are mostly stingy on spending a dollar for a parking spot.

The idiot don't usually care if a handicape person is unable to get into the departure hall because of this.

Sad ain't it? Very inconsiderate.

Taken at Brunei International Airport. Time 16:30. Date 02.10.06.


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