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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...


Case 431

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 by Piggylicious

Contributed by Marcus

Marcus stated that this shot was taken during the July 'pay day'. Hehe can't wait to reach the bank I guess. Thanks for your support Marcus. Keep sending those photos!

Location: Kiarong Complex
Submitted: 29-07-08

Case 430

by Piggylicious

Contributed by Xero's insanity

Another case of 'line blind' parking.

Location: Sugar Bun, Gadong
Submitted: 28-07-08

Case 427, 428 & 429

by Piggylicious

Contributed by Manoque

Okay, this is Manoque's first contribution. Brilliant shots! Those yellow lines are placed there for a reason. It simply means "No Parking". Manoque mentioned that these 2 photos were taken from West side tower and East side tower parking lots. Hmmm.. I'm not aware of any towers in Brunei. Hehe can you be more specific?

Manoque said, "..exit of a shop along jalan Muara! I have to go to rumah org to take this picture, sebab kereta nya ada sticker "Superman inside" :) Baik jua tuan rumah menyuroh lepas aku explain that I'm going to send this to to you.."

That's a daring move! Hehe welcome to YPI Manoque. Will look forward to receive more photos from you.

Submitted: 28-07-08

Case 425 & 426

Monday, July 28, 2008 by Piggylicious

Contributed by 6469

Line blind alert!!

Look at that! Parking Idiots everywhere!

Submitted: 26-07-08
Location: Supa Save, Mata-Mata

Case 424

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 by Piggylicious

Contributed by TheDroog

Now that's SELFISH! The two cars beside it were 'legally' parked. So he/she has no one to blame. Clearly he/she is a line blind parker! What more should I say?

Location: The Centrepoint, Gadong
Submitted: 21-07-08

Case 423

Monday, July 21, 2008 by Piggylicious

Contributed by SyaQ

This is kinda annoying. I mean, very annoying. Parking their cars inconsiderately. When there's an emergency, e.g. Ambulance. For sure, the Ambulance will have a hard time passing through the narrow road. Tsk tsk tsk..

This one clearly shows a 'No Parking' sign. How did they manage to pass their driving tests? hmmm.. A few months ago, I personally saw 2 cops installing 'clamps' onto an illegally parked car along this road. Didn't get a chance to take a snapshot. Hehe no taking pictures while driving! Safety first =)

Location: RIPAS Hospital premises
Submitted: 19-07-08

Case 422

Wednesday, July 16, 2008 by Piggylicious

Contributed by 6469

Line blind parker is back! Another typical Bruneian attitude. The lines are obviously there! Either they are too lazy to park legally or plainly blind and not aware of the lines. Like they say "Main tabak saja.."

Location: Hua Ho Kiulap, Infront of SCB ATM
Submitted: 15-07-08

Case 421

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 by Piggylicious

Contributed by PiT

This is a special case. PiT's car (Honda Civic) was blocked inconsiderately by the Zhongxing Landmark and the Tata Sumo. I feel sorry for PiT. Well, i'll just let the victim do the talking.

"..then tried2 kan kluarkan.. ani nada dapat niehhh... no gap langsung ehh.. ckit ganya.. ndada lapas niehh... for 10-15 minits..

then someone came... while i was taking this pic...

Stranger : ' napa ya wang?? '

PiT : ' Nieee nda lapas ahhh...kana blockk ku..

Stranger : ' Ehh.. atu ndada lapas tuu ehh.. cana bulih krita mu sana atu... bukannya krita ani (tata) dulu sini kan... ... hmm... nada muat tu ko kan masuk eh..

PiT: 'Uhhh?? hmmm... nada ehh! kan kluar kali ku ni ahhh... dari pagi kali ku udah sini ahh.. nda kita meliat tu garisan ahhhh..

Stranger: Owhhh.. Hee~ au ahh.. bah maritah.. anie kerita ku plang niee... aku ngundur dluu aa.. hee..."

Location: Kianggeh
Submitted: 15-07-08

Case 420

Thursday, July 10, 2008 by Piggylicious

Contributed by The Cat

Looks like The Cat has done it again. He's out for a hunt! Surely, he is the current active contributor. Keep up the good work. I like this photo. Clearly shows an empty parking slot. But the driver was too lazy to park 'legally' I guess.

Location: Delima/Serusop area
Submitted: 10-07-08

Case 419

Friday, July 04, 2008 by Piggylicious

Contributed by The Cat

That's a true 'Parking Idiot' alright. Do you see any parking lines around the yellow Beetle? I don't think so..

Location: Near HSBC Serusop
Submitted: 04-07-08

Case 418

by Piggylicious

Contributed by Kelupis (i think)

For God's sake!! That's a Chrysler 300C!! I know it's a pretty 'long' car, but i think it can fit perfectly in the parking slot. Some drivers are just plain selfish. This is a very good example.

Location: Gadong Properties Centre
Submitted: 03-07-08

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