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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...


Case 120.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Gnul.

There are actually plenty of parking spaces available at this area but this particular PI decided to park his/her car at the non-parking area, and you think thats silly, pointing his/her car at the wrong way round at the one way road is even sillier!

Taken at..err..ask PI. 28th November 2006 @ 1432hrs.

Case 117, 118 and 119.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by VR4RS, again.

Since VR4RS has been a regular contributor and a PGGMB multi storey car park 'spy', i will let his words to be published here.

There exist an abundance of Parking Idiots at PGGMB building. The reason being, there is no enforcement of proper parking etiquete. Please find are images of few more!

Case 117: Toyota Kijang - Showing impoperly parked Kijang which "robs" other users of a parking spot.

2) Case 118: Ford Laser - Showing a Ford Laser parked as close as possible to the entrance (a case of the magnetised door) .

Case 119: Suzuki Ignis -And at the corner showing the Ignis parked at a no parking spot which makes it quite hard to manouver to higher level. The Ignis from earlier shot.......sunbathing due to its solar powered engine....maybe!

28th November 2006 @ 0930 onwards.

Case 115 and Case 116.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by VR4RS.

Night life in Bandar Seri Begawan, what a beautiful scenery it was until the beauty was smeared by these PIs. Rows of PIs found a 'better' parking spot at the road side(case 115) and an extremely brave PIs found a 'much better' parking spot at the road divider(case 116). An acccident waiting to happen.Damn..

Taken at Tambing Sungai Kianggeh. 24th november 2006 @ 2053hrs.

Case 114. *edited by YPI Management*

Monday, November 27, 2006 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by VR4RS.

A Merc occupying two parking spaces. And act of stupidity and selfishness..Why stupid? Why bother reverse park if you can park straight ahead. Why selfish? Occupying two parking spaces and in wrong direction. Before you guys put any comments on this PI, let me be the first ( please click 'comment thingy').

Actually there's a PI inside the Merc (click on photo and zoom).

*edited* and because there is someone in the car, this photo has been rejected. The way I see it, she's not really an idiot because she's getting out of the way for other drivers.

Taken at PGGMB Multi Storey car park. 24th November 2006 @ 1712hrs.

Case 113.

by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Spartan.

Reeda sent me one kind of PI, Spartan sent me the other kind. One likes the entrance, this like the exits. Hehe..

Dude, you paid for the parking spot... Use it!! Go all the way man!! Don't do the right thing then stop right in the middle.

Taken at The Mall basement parking area. Time 9ish pm. Date 23.11.06.


Sunday, November 26, 2006 by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Go Blog.

In his own words guys.. "YPIs are borned every day in Brunei."
If you are interested in buying them, they are available at Hua Ho Kiulap. Time 20:31. Date 24.11.06.

Case 112.

by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Reeda.

I always enjoy receiving mails from Reeda. Here's the latest from him...

"The payday PI monster rears its ugly head yet again... I went to the mall tonight armed with my trusty 350D knowing that it would be a lush hunting ground for PI's since it was payday yesterday and I was not disappointed.

This PI was so anxious to spend some money, he/she almost drove into the elevator...

After my meal at the mall, I exited the elevator and voila! Another PI had replaced the earlier one virtually in the same position!!

View from outside cos I couldn't believe my eyes... another bonus cos another PI was parked right next to the FIRE EXIT sign! Woohoo! I hit the jackpot!"

People has this thing about doing what's wrong and what's right. For example the first and third photo.. 'If this car can park there, why can't I?' is probably what the second car was thinking.. and I can bet you that you would probably think twice or even thrice before doing what's right.

Taken at The Mall basement parking area. Date 25.11.06.

Case 111.

Friday, November 24, 2006 by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by VR4RS.

The one in the middle of the picture is just your ordinary PI. What interest me more is the Proton Saga, second car from the left. It shouldn't be parked over there because it's a no parking zone. Why you might ask.. can't you read the sign? Its a fire exit. Which is why you are not allowed to park there.

These no parking zones are there for a reason. Nobody respects the signs until something bad happens..

Taken at Yayasan basement parking area.
Time 14.32. Date 24.11.06

Email Problem... Again!!

by Idiot Patrol

ParkUrAss is having the same problem with his Yahoo! account like I did awhile ago so has now changed to a new address parkurass@gmail.com. Not that I'm saying that this will make him post your photos as soon as he gets it... Hehe!!

Anyways, just take note about it okay guys.

p.s. We still dunno what the status of Sexy.. She must be having the time of her life.. Woohoo!!!

Case 110.

by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by VR4RS.

The case of the 'magnetised main entrance' is back. VR4RS's favourite spot. I've gotten quite a few of these from him now and from this we at the YPI have come to a conclusion.. and that is, no matter how many times we posted a photo about the same place, maybe even about a same car, nobody cares. It's just our nature to put a blind eye to it or just turn away. Let's try not to do this guys and gals... We just have to learn to be more responsible.

Taken at (guess where VR4RS's fav spot is..).
Time around 2ish pm. Date 24.11.06.

Oh My Aching Head.. *edited*

by Idiot Patrol

For the last few days I have been bugged by a problem which appeared on this site. For those of you who didn't notice it, the appearance of the blog seemed to have gotten 'wider' for some reason and I just couldn't stop thinking about it.

ParkUrass told me that maybe, since we have had over 100 photos posted here, maybe it had become lampuh like the YPIs featured here. I didn't think that was possible but... can it?

After spending more than 10 hrs figuring what it was, changing the html format, looking at every single character on the script, reloading the photos back into blogger and so on and so forth, I finally found out what was wrong.

It turns out that there wasn't anything wrong with the script or any of my posts. It was ParkUrass's post. Damn ParkUrass!! That's 10 hrs of my life I'll never get back..

I don't know how this works but MAN!!! This is how much YPI's worth!!

My blog is worth $17,500.74.
How much is your blog worth?

How much is yours worth??

Case 109.

by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Wildfire (welcome back mate).

This is a much better photo of Hua Ho Tanjung Bunut. Good lighting effects from the lamp posts on a clear dark night, colour contrast good too, but thats beside the point.. and the point is people are still leaving their cars where its not suppose to be parked.

Hmm...Canon 400D, with lens filter and set at Auto?...Nicely captured brah. Yeah, double H at Tanjong Bunut...nothing much to comment, a PI always a PI, so annoying these people. By the way, nice shot.

Taken at Hua Ho Tanjung Bunut.

Case 108.

Thursday, November 23, 2006 by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by VR4RS.

This kinda looked like Zaku's (Case 100) eye view. Hehe.. 'Zaku smash!! Zaku crush!!' Hehe.. Just like what the Hulk would say.

I guess these cars are parked there because they are afraid of heights. Ground level is more of their liking. Plus!! Its free!! There is no way the red and silver car in the first photo can get out!

Note that these cars are being parked hindering the access to a fire hydrant outlet which could prove to be fatal incase of fire happening within the area.

Taken from PGGMB Building BSB. Time 15.30. Date 23.11.06.

Case 107.

by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Gnul.

Just look at all the space in front. I hate to be the guy at the back because it'll be difficult trying to get out of there.. unless there's no car at the back. How inconsiderate can you get? He's not the only guy in the world you know...

Taken at Gadong Properties during lunch time. Date 23.11.06.

Case 106.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 by ParkUrAss

Contributed by VR4RS.

Dear ParkUrAss,

Please find the attached for your kind uploading to YPI website.

Apparently this particular PI was dying for his morning dose of Jing Chiew's coffee and roti kuning kawin to the point that he just couldn't care less about other people/patrons. He parked his car right in the middle of the road, blocking others! LOOK @ those YELLOW STRIPES! for goodness sake!

Best Regards!


Dear VR4RS,

Many thanks for your endless contributions and support to YPI. We wish you all the best and luck in capturing another PIs. Thanks.



Taken at Jing Chiew coffee shop. 22nd November 2006 @ 0855hrs.

Case 105.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006 by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Tina.

This happens quite a bit to. When people just want to stop by for a quick buy, they just block other cars. Its normally not a problem when you're just in view of your own car in case the cars blocked wanted to get out. However Tina said that there were loads of empty spaces around but still insisted on blocking others. That's just plain lazy.

Taken at Desa Cafe Delima Complex.
Time and date.. who cares.

Case 104.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by PBB.

Surprise, surprise, we've got our 1st Japanesey contributors, Kan****eki Its*****mo. Actually i was dumbfounded by this photo, look at the background, it was just breathtaking. The photo will be more beautiful if the car at the foreground wasn't there at all.

Mr Japan says, 'Possibly the most exclusive parking space in Brunei hehe.. enjoy.. '

Place, Time and Date...who cares!!


by Idiot Patrol

Contributed by Tina.

We understand your concern that people are parking like this by the main road but you did mentioned that the police was there to control the situation.

No details were included in why these cars were parked like that. We assume that since the police were involved, a ceremony might be taking place and all the relevant authorities have been notified.

Sorry Tina, but this one has been rejected.

Case 103.

by ParkUrAss

Contributed by Dr Labi Labi.

'TEMPAT MELETAK KERETA' said the signboard, but where are the cars? Gone to the sea leaving their boats behind? So...again, no cars featured so no PIs.

But waitaminute, this shows how people misuse of the parking spaces. Its for cars, not for boats!! I'm gonna have to go there and make a sign saying 'Tempat Meletak Motobut'. Hehe!!

A few words from the Doctor, 'Lets figure it out here, who are the real idiot here? Hope the fishermen are not ours, hope there're from Siberia ( didnt understand malay language)'.

Taken at...ask the Doctor!!!

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